dimanche 6 septembre 2009

Nativeland Visit - Compte-rendu australien

Le site de l'agence gouvernementale australienne publie à son tour son compte-rendu de la Nativeland Visit:

Thailand – Meeting on Adoption and Nativeland Tour – updated August 2009

Representatives from the Victorian Central Authority and the Australian Embassy, Bangkok attended the ‘Meeting on Adoption – Thailand 2009’ held on 17 July 2009. The meeting included representatives from government and non-government adoption agencies from 14 countries. It provided an opportunity for the Australian representatives to obtain current information from the Department of Social Development and Welfare (DSDW) about Thailand’s policy and practice in intercountry adoption. Key elements of discussions are outlined below.

■The number of children in need of intercountry adoption in Thailand is decreasing. Approximately 30% of abandoned children have some form of special needs.
■There is some flexibility in the eligibility requirements for applicants seeking to adopt from Thailand, at the discretion of DSDW. However, preference is usually given to childless couples, married for at least two years, less than 45 years of age, who are physically and mentally healthy and who are active within their community.
■Children in need of adoption are matched with prospective adoptive families in line with their needs and circumstances. While matching can occur in the order of the receipt of files, careful consideration is given to the specific needs of each child and the capacity of each prospective adoptive family.
■DSDW is currently matching children in need of adoption with files received as part of the 2007 quota. Exceptions do occur, depending on the circumstances of individual children.
■No indication was provided about whether a 2010 quota will be issued.
■DSDW emphasised the importance of adoptees and adoptive families maintaining contact with Thailand, and their interest in the ongoing welfare and progress of children adopted overseas.
The ‘Meeting on Adoption’ was held immediately prior to the Sixth Nativeland Visit Program. Approximately 40 Australian families and a representative from the Victorian Central Authority participated in the program. The Nativeland Visit gave families an opportunity to explore Thailand and gain knowledge of Thai culture, history and people.

Source: Agence gouvernementale australienne
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